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VERBICIDE #25 $4.00 US
Verbicide issue 25--our final print issue--is out now featuring fiction by Shirley Jackson and Zoe Alexandra. Featured interviews include Zoe Bell, J*Davey, Amanda Palmer, Lykke Li, and Grand Ole Party, all part of the special "Ladies First" theme! This issue also features "The Modern Temper" column by Mark Huddle, Abstract Fantasy comics by Nate Pollard, music, book, and film reviews, Larry Livermore's column "Beneath The BQE," and a letter goodbye from the publishers. Copies are available in the Scissor Press Online Store, along with back issues, CDs, and other great items.

AUG. 1.2009
We are pleased to announce that after months of rebuilding and archiving, VerbicideMagazine.com has launched today!

VerbicideMagazine.com is the online successor to the print version of Verbicide, which had a 10-year, 25-issue run from 1999 to 2009. With a staff that includes both returning contributors and new additions, including features editor Heather Schofner and fiction editor Erin Gambrill, VerbicideMagazine.com will be updated every day, Monday through Friday:

Music Reviews: Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
Features: Every Tuesday and Thursday
Film Reviews: Every Tuesday and Friday

Columns, comics, art galleries, free MP3s, and show reviews will be updated at least once per month.

Keep up to date on all of our current and forthcoming projects! Follow us on Twitter @verbicide, become a fan on Facebook, and be our friend on Myspace!

JAN. 9.2009
As our readers may have already guessed, we are ceasing publication of Verbicide Magazine. The 25th and final issue will (finally) be released this month.

The publication of Verbicide has been a true labor of love for everyone involved, and to all of you who have contributed to or read Verbicide, I would like to say THANK YOU for your support. I am indebted to all the contributors who have shaped this magazine into something that reflects every one of you, and I hope that you will continue to stay in contact.

Despite Verbicide ending, Scissor Press will remain active. So far in 2009 we are planning to release two benefit compilation CDs (to be co-released with GC Records), as well as a comic book or two. Of course, we still own the domain VerbicideMagazine.com, and once things settle down in the next month or so we’ll decide exactly where to go with that (please keep checking the site!). And lastly...who knows where else we’ll go from here? We might start cranking out some new projects to fill the void left by Verbicide, so please stay tuned to ScissorPress.com, and feel free to drop us an email at anytime.

I always hoped we’d keep Verbicide in print indefinitely, and I certainly didn’t want to be forced to retire the mag due to financial reasons, but I am hoping that from the ashes something better will rise.

Best wishes to everyone, and thank you again.

---jackson ellis

OCT. 6.2008
The fourth volume of Verbicide New Sounds CD Sampler is available now exclusively at Newbury Comics! Newbury Comics is the largest independent music chain in the U.S., and they're distributing 1,000 copies of the sampler throughout their 27 different locations.

New Sounds CD Sampler Vol. 4 features 12 tracks by performers such as Passenger, Polysics, The Gambler Nun & Radio, Humanifesto, and more! Supplies won't last long, so click here to locate a Newbury Comics near you.

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