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Mailing Address
If you need to mail something to Scissor Press via the US Postal Service, UPS, or FedEx, email jackson@scissorpress.com and ask for instruction.

Submission Guidelines - Please Read Carefully
All submissions to be considered for publication in Verbicide should be emailed as a Microsoft Word attachment to jackson@scissorpress.com with a mailing address and (optional, but preferred) biographical information in the body of the email--specifically, credentials and previous publication.

Fiction: Please note that while there are no specific guidelines for length, most pieces of fiction we publish are between 1,000 and 4,000 words. Please make sure that all submissions are completed and edited--anything that is sent with a note saying your piece is a "work in progress" or "hasn't been edited yet, just thought you'd like to see what I have so far" will not be considered.

Poetry: Most poems published in Verbicide do not exceed 25 total lines--though there are occasional exceptions. Submit as many poems at a time as you like, though, please use your best judgement and be reasonable--there is no need to email us an entire poetry anthology to sift through. UPDATE: We are not currently publishing poetry, and therefore are not accepting poetry submissions. This is subject to change, however, so feel free to check back at a later time.

Record Reviews: If you are interested in reviewing CDs for Verbicide, please send an email with a sample review, a short bio, your favorite types of music/favorite bands, and a mailing address. Verbicide does not publish unsolicited reviews.

Features/Art/Photography: If you are interested in writing a feature article, conducting an interview, being a featured artist/photographer, or having anything published that is not related to fiction, poetry, or record reviews, please email jackson@scissorpress.com with a proposal.

Payment: Three complimentary contributor copies. Due to extremely low revenue, monetary compensation is rendered infrequently and is not guaranteed.

If you do submit to Verbicide, please do not send follow-up emails. It sometimes takes a long time (up to six or seven months, depending on where we are in our publishing schedule) to read through the numerous submissions, but we will get back to you.

A final note about submissions: Verbicide is a great magazine because it does not limit itself by being a genre-specific magazine. We've published experimental fiction, horror stories, war stories, coming-of-age stories, monologues and internal monologues, and even a western. We've interviewed punk rockers and musical icons; fanzine publishers and bestselling, award-winning authors. We've published comics, themed and unthemed photo/art galleries, and poetry by students, professors, prisoners, and an amateur boxer. On occasion we print a political article, and though sometimes they are slightly to the left of the center, Verbicide is generally politically centrist and (editorially) free of propaganda. So, while we are open to a wide range of content, you should first familiarize yourself with the publication before submitting. Read a couple different issues from cover to cover. Get a feel for the magazine, and send us something that you think would fit well with the publication!

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