Excommunication: The Interview Fanzine was an all-interview punk zine that existed briefly from 2002 to 2003. We printed two issues of the newsprint fanzine to positive reception--issue 2 even peaked in the top three sellers for several weeks at Interpunk, among a top 10 list filled with various issues of Alternative Press and AMP. Despite the fact that it was fun, affordable, and relatively simple to produce, it fell to the wayside temporarily as our fulltime jobs and Verbicide work kept us too occupied for any side projects.

When we started doing more projects in 2007 (VerbicideMagazine.com, New Sounds sampler series, etc.), reviving "Excomm" was among our aspirations; however, the major slump in print publications over the past few years has kept it buried. We hope to start it up again, someday. In the meantime, we still have a few copies of issue 2 left for sale.

Issue 1
Summer 2002

Issue 2
Winter 2003


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